We advise you on the self-consumption options that best suit your needs.

For industrial user

The self-consumption of electrical energy by means of photovoltaic technology on the roof or adjacent land currently presents a possibility to recover the investment made in terms of between 7 and 12 years.
From RESPIRA through INSPIRA we help in the promotion, construction and financing of facilities so that they can acquire in a more relaxed way than with conventional bank financing. If you are interested in receiving a self-consumption proposal for your supply contact us.

For domestic user

Currently, self-consumption of energy has been decriminalized and any user can install photovoltaic panels up to 100kW without prior authorization from the Distribuidora company.
Now, many times at the domestic level we do not have the possibility of placing a photovoltaic installation on our roof, so we provide you with collective projects where you can buy a share of them and generate your own energy. Choose your project!